You want to know which documents have to be legalized and which requirements have to be met for certification? Then enter the destination country here.

What is legalization?

The technical term "legalization" describes a certification. This is a formal procedure by the diplomatic or consular representation of a State. It serves as proof that a foreign authentic instrument is authentic and confirms

  • the authenticity of the signature
  • the capacity in which the signatory has acted
  • and, if necessary, the authenticity of the seal/stamp.

In this way, a foreign authentic instrument is treated as a domestic authentic instrument and thus is recognized.

This applies in both directions - for example, a German document is recognized by legalization in the country in which it is to be used or, conversely, a Chinese document could be legalized by the German embassy in Beijing.

We would be pleased to take over all work steps necessary for the legalization of a document for you, depending on the type of document and location in Germany, including the pre-certification by other institutions, e.g. notary, Chamber of Commerce, Regional Court, BVA (if required).

If the documents to be submitted must be presented in the national language, we will be happy to offer you our translation service. We work with leading translation institutes who can translate your documents quickly and professionally.

Common documents to be legalized are certificates of origin, commercial invoices, contracts, powers of attorney, export documents and in the personal area adoption documents, marriage and birth certificates, diplomas or medical documents.

Please refer to the respective legalization regulations of the destination country.

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