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What is an A1 certificate?

As soon as you work as an employee or self-employed in a different country than Germany (in which you are socially insured), an A1 certificate is essential.

An A1 certificate is always required when an employer sends its employees to another state of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. That is why it is also called the sentence certificate.

The certificate serves the employee as proof that he is employed abroad on his business trip, but is still subject to German law.

The posting is therefore referred to any business activity abroad, regardless of the time scope.

It does not matter whether it is a visit or participation in congresses, seminars or business meetings or a longer -term assembly use or similar.

Where does the A1 certificate have to be requested?

Which instance is responsible for issuing an A1 certificate depends on how the person concerned is insured. This is the health insurance itself for legally insured persons, the German pension insurance for privately insured persons.

Exceptional cases form employees who are also professional. The working group of professional pension devices (ABV) is responsible here.

What are the requirements for obtaining an A1 certificate?

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  • The sending employer must be generating at least 25% of its sales in Germany. (In the event of a lower value, the responsible German sponsor has to take a individual case examination)
  • The expected duration of employment in the target country must not exceed 24 months.
  • The labor law bond between the sent person and their employer must continue throughout the duration of the posting.
  • The posted person must not replace any person who was previously sent to the target country. Unless the person previously sent for a maximum of 24 months had to end the sending unscheduled prematurely. In this case, another person can be sent to the target country for the remaining time of the originally planned sending period.

How long is the A1/certificate valid?

In general, an A1/certificate is valid for the period confirmed by the health insurance institution.

The maximum validity of an A1/certificate is 24 months.

Note: A part of the A1 certificate is the EU-Registration. You can find out here which legal regulations you have to consider and how you can make your application.

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