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For anyone who does not deal with the subject on a daily basis, entry and legalization regulations often seem complicated and raise questions such as:

  • Which visa category is the right one for my purpose and which is the cheapest one?
  • What do I have to pay attention to when filling in the forms?
  • What happens if regulations suddenly change?

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For further questions, please contact any BUSINES VISUM branch by mail or telephone.

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Our priorities

We at BUSINESS VISUM are there for you personally. Because we know that no trip is like the second, we have decided against purely standardized services and advise you individually. Our main focus is on:

  • Obtaining the correct visa or
  • Advice on the possible alternative e-visa
  • Legalization (certification) of documents
  • Photo service for the passport photographs that must be submitted with the visa application
  • Relief for you by taking over the completion of the applications within the framework of the application support
  • Document check in advance, if you are not sure whether your documents (e.g. an invitation letter or the company letter etc.) meet the requirements of the embassy
  • Invitation support, if you cannot organize an invitation yourself
  • Travel health insurance for worldwide insurance coverage
  • the organisation of the pick-up and delivery of your documents
  • Translation service, if you have to submit official documents or company papers in the national language of the target country

Why are we so good at this?

OUR EXPERIENCE. As the first visa service in Germany, we now have over 37 years of experience. OUR QUALITY. From advice to reviewing and submitting your documents; we ensure that your application successfully leads to the right visa. QUALIFIED EMPLOYEES. We are proud to work with experienced, competent and service-oriented personnel. GOOD CONTACTS. Thanks to our daily contact with the embassies, we have up-to-date country information. RELIABLE PARTNERSHIPS. In case we don't get any further ourselves, we have reliable, long-term partnerships to support us. TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS. With our modern EASY ACCESS portal, we provide you with an intelligent system for the simplified entry of applications. With understandable questions, we will guide you to your successful application in the shortest possible time.

We always keep an eye on important developments

We answer your questions on our website. Do I need a visa for my trip? What should I focus on? Which documents do I need for the application? With our entry regulations you will be kept up-to-date on a daily basis. You can find out about important changes at short notice in our news.

We relieve you on your way to the visa and ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

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