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Yes - provided that the traveller has a valid residence document for Germany (residence permit or authorization). For some embassies it is sufficient to present a registration certificate as proof of residence in Germany. Please note that in individual cases, some nationalities may incur higher consular fees and longer processing times. BUSINESS VISUM will be happy to advise you in individual cases.

Very simple: Send the entire visa documents to the first of the responsible BUSINESS VISUM office. Once the required visa has been obtained, we will send your documents directly to the nearest BUSINESS VISUM branch using our cost-effective in-house mail service. You will receive your passport back if all visas have been successfully obtained at all consular locations.

Please refer to the information on the country of destination on our website to find out which documents are required to apply for a visa. There you will find a clear list of the documents that must be presented for the visa you require. If you have any questions after reading this information, we will be happy to help you by e-mail or telephone.

Yes, if you are applying for a classic visa. In this case, this is only possible upon presentation of the passport, as the visa is pasted/stamped into the passport by the consulate. In some embassies, it is possible in exceptional cases to apply for a visa by presenting a copy of your passport, provided that the original passport is submitted before the visa is issued. You can ask us whether this is possible in individual cases.

If you are applying for an e-visa, you do not have to hand over the traveler's passport.  At the present time, citizens from 162 countries can apply digitally for an e-visa for currently 28 countries. You can find out whether you can already apply for an e-visa for your next trip and what steps are necessary from the additional services listed for the respective destination country.

No, please do not enclose any cash or cheques and please do not transfer any visa fees to the consulate in advance. BUSINESS VISUM pays all expenses (consular fees, service fees, bank deposit fees, etc.) in advance. We have separate payment channels and procedures for many consulates, which shorten the processing time.

Ideally, you should send us the documents as early as possible, as you can then save money with the embassies and also with us through low-cost tariffs. The normal processing time for visa applications depends on the respective consulate and ranges from 24 hours to eight weeks. You can find the usual application duration for the corresponding destination country in our list of country-specific entry regulations. If you give us a date for the return delivery when placing the order, we will automatically apply for the visa at the most favourable rate, taking this delivery date into account.

Faster processing is often possible at an extra charge. In a few countries we can even obtain a visa for you on the day of departure. In urgent cases we try everything to find a solution for you. In such situations, it is best to contact us directly.

Since the documents you send us are valuable documents relevant to data protection, we strongly recommend a registered form of dispatch in which you receive proof from the carrier. Which shipping method you choose is at your own discretion and in your demands for reliability and speed.

We are also happy to take care of the pickup aspect for you. Simply book the pick-up in our EASY ACCESS booking system when placing the order and we will have your documents picked up immediately by our reliable courier service, whether at your home or at the company. This is the easiest, safest and fastest way for you and for us, as we can start processing your order as early as the morning of the next working day.

Of course we also accept your documents personally in our offices in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich and clarify open questions with you. Your documents will be submitted directly to the consulate or forwarded directly by internal mail to the responsible branch of BUSINESS VISUM.

If you wish, you can also fetch your passport with the finished visa personally with us. We will inform you by e-mail or telephone that your passport with a visa is ready for retrieval at the relevant office.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm (Berlin from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm).


In addition to the convenient option of paying the invoice amount by direct debit or credit card, the invoice can also be paid in cash when collected personally. Corporate customers can also pay by invoice or with AirPlus company card.

Many embassies have now introduced the federal state principle of competence. This means that there are consulates in Germany that are responsible for several federal states. Some states now require the visa applicant to contact the consulate responsible for the state in which the traveller resides. The nearest BUSINESS VISUM office will submit your documents to this consulate. You will find a list of these in the entry regulations of the respective destination country.


Remember that your passport has been "upgraded" by the visa and that it is the transport of a valuable, data-sensitive document. We therefore offer the return shipment - as indicated on our order form - exclusively by GO! overnight courier or UPS courier.

We will be happy to advise you personally on the most suitable shipping method for you.

Upon request, we will deposit your passport at all German airports or organise a personal delivery for you by courier service at a location of your choice at any time. Please contact our offices by phone to find out about the possibilities in individual cases.


For information on vaccination regulations, please refer to the country information of the country of destination on our website.

The Federal Foreign Office provides information on security information under the heading "Travel and Security".

We also offer special conditions for corporate customers and travel agencies on the basis of individually drawn up framework agreements. For individual advice, please contact our sales department on Tel.: +49 30 26 39 30-140 or vertrieb[at]


Our employees have been experts for many years and will be happy and friendly to advise you on all visa and consular matters. Our service guarantees you care, security and discretion for your complete orders. You can place them comfortably and quickly via our online portal EASY ACCESS. Around the clock and seven days a week, of course. The best way is to register right here.

As soon as you are logged into EASY ACCESS, the active entry of orders is possible immediately. Later, you can check the actual status of current orders at any time or monitor the return of your documents using the tracking function.

Three overviews help you to keep track of things at all times:

  • In the Orders overview you can see your current and completed orders and sort them according to your personal criteria. So you always have your history under control. An order can include several transactions (for example, a traveler requires several visas or several documents must be legalized or you require visas for the same country for several travelers).
  • In the Transactions overview, we therefore show you for each traveler or document, each transaction that we are currently processing or have already completed for you. Of course, sorted in such a way that it helps you best to manage your history.
  • Tracking allows you to check the status of your current orders at a glance at any time. Have we already received your documents? Do we still need any documents from you? Is your order already in progress? Or are your passport and visa already being returned to you?

We look forward to getting started for you!

No, please remove all personal belongings from the passport and please take off any cover (except for a cover of BUSINESS VISUM). We will pass your passport to consular service providers or foreign embassies / consulates and therefore we can not take any liability for loss or damage for sent private envelopes and passports.