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31.01.2023 Russian Federation

Closing days Embassy of the Russian Federation on February 23rd and 24th, 2023

Due to the Russian holiday "Defender of the Fatherland Day", the embassy and consulates of the Russian Federation will be closed on February 23-24.

30.01.2023 China

Processing time in Hamburg

Please note that there is currently a lead time of 3 weeks in Hamburg for allocating an appointment at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.
Unfortunately, short-term appointments are not possible.

27.10.2022 Palestinian Territories

Entry requirements

The representation in Germany cannot issue a visa in advance. Entry must then take place via Tel Aviv, but it is up to the local authorities to decide whether onward travel to the Palestinian territories is actually allowed.

In any case, German companies want to get in touch with their business partner in Palestine and clarify the entry formalities with them.

Unfortunately, Business Visum GmbH cannot support you with the visa.

27.09.2022 Japan

Visa-free entry possible again

The Japanese embassy has just confirmed visa-free entry from October 11, 2022. From this point on, there is no longer any obligation to apply for a visa for tourist and business trips to Japan.

This applies to German citizens, among others - other nationalities must be checked. Entry before October 11, 2022 is still subject to a visa requirement.

An overview of the countries that allow visa-free entry can be found here.

08.09.2022 Japan

Multiple entry possible for business visas

All nationals who are eligible for the simplified visa procedure can now also apply for a multiple business visa. The prerequisite for this is that this is also noted in the "Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS System". In addition, a form (Request for a multiple entry visa) must be filled out, which we make available to you in the download area in the country information.

Documents that have already been submitted cannot be changed later. So please make sure that you have all the necessary documents for a multiple visa before Business Visum submits them to the consulate.

07.09.2022 Thailand

Extended visa validity

For the period from October 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, the regular visa will be valid for 45 days instead of the current 30, while the validity of a "visa on arrival" will be increased from 15 to 30 days. This is reported by the "Bangkok Post".

07.09.2022 Taiwan

Visa-free entry possible again

From September 12, 2022, the entry restrictions caused by the pandemic will be partially lifted and visa-free entry will again be possible for citizens of certain countries.

For details, see the Bureau of Consular Affairs home page

The obligation to quarantine (three days of quarantine and then four days of self-isolation) after entry, remains in place until further notice, i.e. even after entering the country without a visa, travelers must first go into quarantine.

10.08.2022 Oman

E-Visa for Oman possible again

E-visas for Oman can now be applied for again.

01.08.2022 China

China Legalization in Berlin - New requirements for signatures from August 18th

From August 18th, accompanying documents for legalization may only be submitted to the Chinese Embassy in Berlin with an original signature using a fineliner or fountain pen.

08.07.2022 Brazil

Longer processing times in the embassy

The embassy currently needs at least 3 weeks to issue a visa.

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