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08.07.2022 Brazil

Longer processing times in the embassy

The embassy currently needs at least 3 weeks to issue a visa.

06.07.2022 China

Changed visa regulations

Business visas can now be applied for again by presenting a business letter invitation. It is no longer necessary to present a PU invitation.

Visas are still only issued for single entry. The issuing of tourist visas is still suspended.

16.03.2022 Vietnam

Travel facilitation from 15.03.2022

Vietnam is lifting the basic visa requirement for all travelers with immediate effect.

Visa-free entry to Vietnam for stays of up to 15 days from the day of arrival is again possible for German nationals and 12 other countries (France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belarus).

This regulation is valid from March 15, 2022 and limited until March 14, 2025.

24.02.2022 Cuba

Current entry information

Currently, a tourist card can also be used to travel to Cuba for business talks, meetings and customer consulting. This does not apply to technical assignments.

For everything else, the local business partner applies for a permit at the "Immigration office". They check everything on site, issue a permit and send it to the embassy. The embassy receives the documents from Business Visum and issues the visa within 1-3 days.

03.01.2022 USA

Change in appointment allocation

From January 3rd, 2022, it is only possible to rebook an appointment that has already been booked at the US consulate once free of charge. From the second rebooking onwards, the full consulate fees and an additional fee for the additional work involved for Business Visum are incurred. Furthermore, as of January 3rd, 2022, it will no longer be possible to switch back and forth between the US consulates in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin). A selected US consulate can no longer be rebooked free of charge. In the event of a change of consulate, all fees are incurred again (Business Visum fee, consulate fee, postage fee and possibly other additional fees).

02.11.2021 India

Only e-visas in Munich for many nationalities

At the moment, the Indian Consulate General in Munich does not issue passport visas for German citizens or those nationalities who qualify for an e-Visa.
You can find out whether you can apply for an e-Visa on the Indian website under the following link: under the first menu item on the left "Countries / Nationalities who are eligible to avail eVisa“.

Business Visum will be happy to help you apply for an e-Visa.

04.10.2021 Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Passport required for entry since October 1st, 2021

From now on, travelers will need a passport when entering the UK. Entry with an identity card is no longer possible since October 1st, 2021. Furthermore, despite BREXIT, there is a social insurance agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany, so an A1 is still required for business trips to Great Britain. The so-called EU registration certificate requirement, however, does not apply.

24.08.2021 Ethiopia

The consulate in Frankfurt no longer issues visas

The consulate of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Frankfurt will not issue any visas until further notice.

Please send your application documents to our Berlin branch.

19.05.2021 Russian Federation

Changed visa regulations

The Consulate of the Russian Federation in Bonn announced that due to the large number of complaints about problems with border control/boarding the plane among citizens of EU member states, it was decided to temporarily suspend visa applications from EU citizens on presentation of a registration certificate. From now on, they must present a certificate of their right to long-term residence in Germany (permanent residence permit).

This requirement is temporary and only applies to the visa categories approved on 04.04.2021 (tourist visas, business / humanitarian / study visas by direct company invitation).

04.02.2021 Russian Federation

Changed visa regulations for technical services

On February 8, 2021, the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of December 21, 2020 "Approval of the List of Purposes of Travel Used in Processing and Issuing Visas for Foreign Citizens" comes into force.

Therefore, as of February 8, 2021, the acceptance of visa applications for business visas for the purpose of entry "Technical Service" will be discontinued.

This category has been removed from the list of business visas. Foreign citizens who are employees of foreign companies that carry out installation work, service and warranty maintenance and repairs of equipment must apply for a work visa with the purpose of "installation work".

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