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23.09.2018 Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh, Korea (South), Thailand, India, China

Holidays in October

Due to holidays or other reasons the following embassies and/or consulates will be closed in October (in case not otherwise stated this is always nationwide):

  • 01.10. - 03.10.2018: China
  • 02.10.2018: India (Frankfurt, Munich)
  • 09.10.2018: Korea (south) (Frankfurt)
  • 15.10.2018: Thailand (Frankfurt, Munich)
  • 16.10. - 19.10.2018: Bangladesh (Berlin)
  • 19.10.2018: India
  • 19.10. + 31.10.2018: Nepal (Berlin)
  • 29.10.2018: Brazil (Munich)
12.09.2018 India

Consulate general in Hamburg is moving

The Indian Consulate General in Hamburg is moving, so the Express processing by the Consulate within 2 days was stopped until the end of September.

06.09.2018 China

Starting immediately: Stricter regulations for multiple entries visa in Frankfur

Chinese consulate in Frankfurt informs that starting immediately for 6 and 12 months visa validity a mandatory invitation clearly stating this has to be presented.

Reasons clearly justifying this have to be included in this invitation (i.e. meetings on a regular basis, monthly meetings, naming of meetings on various dates, maintenance works on fixed dates …).

Invitations without giving a reason for this will result in a single entry visa according to consulate information.

06.09.2018 China

Modified validity for conference visa in Frankfurt

Chinese consulate Frankfurt significantly tightened regulations for conference visa (catergory F).

F-visa will only be given in strict accordance with the invitation – i.e an applicant attending a conference between 10.10. and 16.10. will result in a visa for 6 days, denying entry after 16.10.

Presenting an invitation for a fair from 01.10. to 03.10. will result in a visa for 3 days, denying entry after 03.10.

Visa with a duration of stay of 30 days (category F) will not be issued any longer (exept that period of stay is clearly stated in the invitation).

In case already fixed dates in China are rescheduled to a future date and the duration of stay will be inconsistent will result in a new application and a new visa.

05.09.2018 Iran, India, China

Holidays in September

Due to holidays or other reasons the following embassies and/or consulates will be closed in September (in case not otherwise stated this is always nationwide):

  • 03.09.2018: India (Munich)
  • 18.09. - 20.09.2018: China (Munich)
  • 20.09.2018: Iran (Munich)
  • 21.09.2018: India (Frankfurt, Munich)
16.08.2018 Indonesia

Change in processing times in Frankfurt

The processing of visa applications currently takes at least 3 weeks.

16.08.2018 India

Tightened requirements in Hamburg

The Indian Consulate General in Hamburg announced today that from now on a zero-error tolerance applies to all documents to be submitted. There is no possibility to subsequently supplement, replace or submit documents. Handwritten corrections of applications are also excluded.

24.07.2018 China

Consent to data processing for China

Due to the changed privacy policy, the "Chinese Visa Application Service Center" (CVAC) has now created an agreement that each applicant must complete and sign personally.

We are pleased to provide you this form under the country information of China in the area Downloads. Please make sure to use only the form of the respective office, where you also send your documents to.

24.07.2018 India

Registration certificate also for germans in Frankfurt

The Indian Consulate in Frankfurt has informed that from now on all applicants, including German citizens, have to provide a copy of the registration certificate. Non-German citizens must submit a so-called "extended registration certificate", for German citizens a regular registration certificate is sufficient. This must not be older than 6 months.

24.07.2018 Russian Federation

Travel to the Russian Federadion until 31.12.2018 with FAN ID

Hereby we would like to inform you that owners of a FAN ID, who have attended FIFA 2018 World Cup football matches as spectators, are allowed to enter and leave the Russian Federation without visa until December 31, 2018. Entry requires a passport and a FAN ID that the person received before or during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

This applies to nationals of the following countries: EU, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), India, Iran, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Mexico, Malaysia, Costa Rica.

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