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16.03.2020 Saudi Arabia

Entry restrictions for Saudi Arabia

The spread of the disease COVID-19 has prompted Saudi Arabia to impose strict entry and exit regulations. For example, an entry ban from Germany is issued, the exit from Saudi Arabia is still possible but many direct flights from and to Germany are suspended.

The General Consulate KSA in Frankfurt and the Embassy KSA in Berlin don't issue visas and you can also not book appointments with VFS.

16.03.2020 Russian Federation

Longer processing times

Due to the current development in relation to the COVID-19 virus, it can be assumed that there will be further restrictions on entry and residence in the Russian Federation.
Visas are currently being issued, but there is no same day processing anymore. The processing at the consulat will take min. 2 days longer than usual.

12.03.2020 USA

Entry restrictions for USA

With a presidential proclamation, the US government has taken short-term measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus and continues to expand the entry ban.

From 13.03.2020, a general entry ban will be imposed for 30 days for people who want to enter the USA from Europe. All interview dates for visa applications have been canceled. New dates are available only from 06.05.2020.

11.03.2020 India

*UPDATE* Entry into India restricted

Due to the current development in China, the trip to India with e-visas will be temporarily suspended with immediate effect. This applies to holders of Chinese passports and applicants of other nationalities residing in the People's Republic of China. Holders of e-visa already issued can no longer use it. The issuance of new e-visas for the travelers mentioned will also be temporarily suspended.

* UPDATE 07.02.2020*
The consulate in Munich is also no longer issuing visas for nationals from China.

* UPDATE 11.03.2020*
Citizens from Germany, France, Italy, Iran, Japan, Spain, and South Korea currently do not receive a visa (neither through the consulate nor as an e-visa) and are not allowed to enter India with visas that have already been issued.

11.03.2020 Vietnam

Entry restrictions for Vietnam

The visa free entry for nationals of the following 8 European countries is temporarily suspended:

Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

In view of the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the obligation to provide medical information has been applicable to all travelers to Vietnam since Saturday, March 7th, 2020, both with Vietnamese and foreign citizenship.

03.03.2020 China

China Visa

Travelers who are currently in China and cannot or do not want to leave the country for personal reasons, their visas are automatically extended by 2 months.

Residence permits for China are also extended by two months, but the associated work permits must also be extended because they do not automatically extend.

20.02.2020 Japan, Russian Federation, India, Iran, Myanmar, Angola

Holidays in March

Due to holidays or other reasons the following embassies and/or consulates will be closed in March (in case not otherwise stated this is always nationwide):

  • 02.03.2020: Myanmar (Berlin)
  • 09.03.2020: Myanmar (Berlin)
  • 09.03.2020: Russian Federation (Munich)
  • 10.03.2020: India
  • 19.03.2020: Iran (Munich)
  • 20.03.2020: Japan (Munich)
  • 23.03.2020: Angola (Berlin)
  • 27.03.2020: Myanmar (Berlin)
04.02.2020 Japan, Myanmar, Russian Federation, Brazil

Holidays in February

Due to holidays or other reasons the following embassies and/or consulates will be closed in February (in case not otherwise stated this is always nationwide):

  • 12.02.2020: Myanmar (Berlin)
  • 24.02.2020: Japan (Munich)
  • 24.02.2020: Russian Federation (Munich)
  • 24.02. + 25.02.2020: Brazil (Munich)


04.02.2020 Australia

Restricted entry to Australia

Applicants who have been to China since February 1, 2020, live there or have traveled through China are currently not allowed to enter Australia.

04.02.2020 USA

USA travel ban for China travelers

The entry of foreign nationals who have been to China within 14 days prior to their arrival in the United States, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau, is suspended under the President's proclamation. If you live in China, have recently traveled to China, or plan to travel to China before your planned trip to the United States, we recommend postponing the visa interview date to 14 days after your departure from China.

The following groups of people are excluded:

  • Close family members of US citizens (e.g. spouse, children)
  • Green Card Holders (Legal Permanent Residents)
  • Airline or shipping company crew members (C / D Visa)
  • Diplomats, government members or their family members (A-1, A-2, C-2, C-3, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, NATO visas)

The decree is initially valid for 15 days. The US authorities announced that after this period the security situation would be reviewed every two weeks and the entry ban would be lifted or extended accordingly.

Due to the current situation, we strongly recommend all travelers who have been in China in the past few weeks to check the travel plans to the USA. If the stay in China was more than 14 days before the planned entry into the USA, (foreign) people can enter, but have to prepare for more intensive surveys / reviews.

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