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New BASIS price list valid from May 1st, 2021

Would you like to know in advance what our services will cost in detail? In order to present our tariffs to you even more clearly, we have redesigned our price list for you.

You can now find the new price overview on our homepage under the section "Our Service" using the following LINK:

22.04.2021 India

*UPDATE* Consulate Frankfurt closed

Due to Corona in the workforce, the Indian consulate in Frankfurt will be closed for 14 days (according to the current status until May 2nd, 2021).

* UPDATE * 05/04/2020:
The consulate will remain closed. Probably until middle of May.

20.04.2021 India

You can apply for an e-Visa again

With immediate effect, electronic visas (e-visas) for certain travel purposes to India can be applied for again.
However, this only applies to the Business, Conference and Medical Visa categories.

Entry for tourist purposes is still not allowed, therefore no application, either electronically or via the consulates, is possible.

For trips with a technical background (maintenance / assembly etc.) it is also not possible to apply via e-Visa. In such cases, the visa applications (employment visa) still have to be applied for via the responsible consulate.

09.04.2021 Russian Federation

Travel and visa restrictions lifted

With immediate effect, the previously applicable travel and visa restrictions for German citizens, holders of a German residence permit and EU citizens residing in Germany will be lifted. For these applicants, it is possible to apply for all visa categories again. Visas for multiple entries will also be issued again.

The suspension of long-term visas is lifted, holders of a long-term visa that is still valid can use it again. Business visas can again be applied for with company invitations; a ministerial invitation is not mandatory.

Business Visum will be happy to support you again with the procurement of ministerial invitations.

Attention: Until further notice, entry into Russia is only allowed with a direct flight from Germany, travel via third countries or by land and sea is not permitted.

11.03.2021 USA

Changed entry requirements for the USA

The US State Department issued a new policy on March 2, 2021 regarding the issuance of National Interest Exception (NIE) to travelers, imposing significant restrictions on entry exemptions.

You can find more details about this and our services HERE.

08.03.2021 Thailand

No visa applications in Berlin until March 22nd, 2021

Due to a corona case in the Thai embassy in Berlin, no visas can be applied for until March 22, 2021.




02.03.2021 Algeria

Entry ban for March 2021

The Algerian government has imposed a strict entry ban for March 2021. Visas with a special permit will continue to be issued, but can only be used after the entry ban has expired.

01.03.2021 China

New test requirements from 02.03.21

From March 2nd, 2021, new requirements for COVID19 test verifications by the Chinese diplomatic missions will apply:

- Both tests must have been issued in the same consular district.
- It must be a PR-PCR test. TMA-PCR tests are no longer accepted.
- Confirmations will only be issued for direct flights.
- In addition to the previous documents, a scan of the flight ticket must now also be uploaded in the online process. Non-EU citizens must also provide proof of a German residence permit or a registration certificate.
- Travelers who have been through a COVID19 illness or who tested positive for IgG antibodies must contact the responsible Chinese diplomatic mission at least three weeks before their flights.

More information can be found here.

01.03.2021 India

Registration certificate required for all applications

With immediate effect, the Indian embassy and consulates also require all applicants to submit a registration certificate as proof of residence in the respective federal state. This also applies to German citizens.

18.02.2021 Korea (South)

Changed quarantine regulation in Korea (South)

Since February 15, 2021, an additional test must be carried out within 5-7 days after entry, if the period for the quarantine exemption exceeds 8 days (the costs are paid by the person concerned). The test must be submitted to the competent authority within 8 days.

If the second test result is not presented, the quarantine exemption is canceled and the person concerned will be immediately isolated.

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