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18.08.2020 Nigeria

Visa for Nigeria

In order to be able to apply for a visa at the embassy, ​​a travel authorization is now required, which the business partner must apply for at the Immigration Office in Abuja. This authorization is tied to flight and travel dates.

When checking in at the airport, a negative COVID test that is not older than 72 hours should be carried with you. It is recommended to call the airline in advance to find out whether you will be allowed on board with such a test.

When entering Abuja, a COVID test is also done. It is important that the traveler has booked a hotel for three days and carries this booking with them. In the course of the test, the passport will be withheld and returned to the traveler after the three days of hotel stay and a negative test result. Only then is it possible to travel on to the actual destination in Nigeria.

11.08.2020 Iraq

Visa for Iraq

Currently, business visas are only issued if approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. Until further notice, these visas are only valid for single entry with a stay of 30 days.

The Iraqi company needs to contact the agency to obtain approval from the Interior Ministry. The application should contain the following information:


  • Reason for travel
  • What work will be carried out on site? (Urgency must be justified)
  • Information about the German company
  • Name, passport details etc. of the travelers

If the Ministry of Interior gives permission, it will be sent to the Iraqi company. This must then be forwarded to Germany and submitted to the embassy with the application documents for the visa.

The processing time in the embassy is then around 1 week.

23.07.2020 Mali

Visa documents for Mali

The embassy of Mali informs that, in addition to the regular visa documents, a signed self-declaration must be provided by the traveler that he will accept and comply with all applicable quarantine regulations during his stay. There is no appropriate form on the part of the embassy for this.

And please note: The flight and hotel confirmation must be presented. Just the flight certificate alone is not enough. If the traveler does not stay at the hotel, other proof of accommodation must be presented.

07.07.2020 Uzbekistan

Visa for Uzbekistan

All international scheduled flights have been suspended until further notice. The land borders are basically closed for passenger traffic; exceptions are made only for Uzbek citizens who want to return to Uzbekistan. After entry, there is a 14-day quarantine obligation, which must generally be spent in state quarantine facilities. (Federal Foreign Office, as of June 25, 2020)

In urgent cases, an “emergency visa” can be applied for through the embassy in Berlin.

The application must be made with a ministerial invitation (telex number) in connection with a detailed invitation from the business partner.

Please contact our Berlin branch for further information.

07.07.2020 Taiwan

Visa for Taiwan

Since March 19, 2020, only foreigners with a Taiwanese permanent residence permit (ARC/APRC, Blue Card MoFA) or a "business visa" to take up work are permitted to enter (Federal Foreign Office, as of June 25, 20).

Visa-free entry is currently suspended. Entry is only possible with separate visas issued by the responsible consulates. These are usually only issued for urgent technical emergencies (maintenance, repair).

All travelers must be in quarantine/isolation für 14 days after entry.

Please contact our responsible branch office for further information on the respective application process.

07.07.2020 Australia

Visa for Australia

There is a basic entry ban for all foreigners without a permanent residence permit for Australia.

In urgent cases, however, an e-visa can be issued, usually with the prior approval of the Department of Home Affairs.

However, a 14-day self-isolation obligation applies on entry.

For more precise coordination of the application process, please contact our Berlin office.

07.07.2020 Cambodia

Visa for Cambodia

In a letter from the Ministry of Health of May 20, 2020, Cambodia announced that the entry ban for travelers from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the USA and Iran who are still in possession of a valid Cambodian visa will be lifted immediately. All country borders with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos are closed until further notice.

Visa applications are possible in urgent cases, but only for business visas. Tourist visas will not be issued until further notice.

All travelers must present valid health insurance (minimum coverage of $ 50,000) and a health certificate (not older than 72 hours) with negative COVID-19 results upon entry.

07.07.2020 USA

Visa for USA

Since March 13, 2020, people who have been in Germany or another Schengen state within 14 days of entering the United States have been banned from entering the country. Entry restrictions for previous stays in China, Iran and Brazil also apply. The entry restrictions apply until further notice.

Against this background, the application / appointment for visas is currently not possible or only to a very limited extent.

07.07.2020 Belarus

Visa free Entry

A visa-free entry into Belarus is currently possible for German and Polish citizens for up to 30 days. However, entry must be through Minsk Airport.

02.07.2020 India

Visa for India

Commercial international flight connections to and from India remain prohibited until further notice. Entry and exit are currently not possible (according to the Federal Foreign Office, as of June 25, 2020).

The Indian Visa Application Centers are closed until further notice. The validity of visas issued before June 1st, 2020 is still suspended.

Visa issuance is currently only possible to a very limited extent with a few exceptions. Please contact our responsible branch for up-to-date information.

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