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07.09.2020 Angola

Bank holiday in September

On September 17 and 18, 2020, the Angolan embassy will be closed due to a public holiday.

03.09.2020 Indonesia

Visa for Indonesia

A negative COVID19 test, which must not be made earlier than 7 days before entry, must now be enclosed with the application documents for an Indonesia visa. This means that the visa application can also be made no earlier than 7 days before departure. The visa is issued within 24 hours.

03.09.2020 USA

Visa for USA

Visa applications for the USA are possible again in some cases. The basis for this are exceptions due to national interests (National Interest Exceptions - NIEs).

Steps to apply can be found in the link:

03.09.2020 Canada

Visa for Canada

Travel to Canada is possible again in some cases. The basis for this are exceptions due to national interests (National Interest Exceptions - NIEs).

The exemption can be applied for at the Canadian consulate in Vienna by email. The application takes 5-10 days. In addition to the copies of the contract justifying their presence and the employment contract, a declaration is required as to why the trip affects national interests. The following should also be listed in the email:

Date of birth
Passport number
eTA number
Job Title

26.08.2020 China

Starting from August 30: Compulsory Testing before boarding

From August 30, 2020, a general compulsory corona test will apply before the flight to China. It should be noted that ..

I) Passengers who travel from Frankfurt am Main by direct or charter flight to China can be tested in the Centogene test center at the airport and can go on board immediately after presenting the negative test results. However, if the corona tests are carried out at other German test sites, these tests must take place within five days before departure to China and their negative test results must be certified online by the respective Chinese diplomatic mission. For this purpose, passengers are required to email their test results with passport copies and completed and signed health declarations at least 24 hours before departure, including on weekends, to the relevant Chinese diplomatic mission (depending on the location of the test site). After a quick verification process, travelers receive the health declarations stamped back and can present them to the airline on the day of departure.

II) Passengers who fly from Hamburg via Frankfurt am Main to China can be tested in the Centogene test center at Hamburg Airport. If you present the negative test results, you can go on board at Frankfurt Airport.

III) Passengers who fly from Germany via a third country to China are subject to the same test obligation and the procedure described above. The valid document must then be presented at the transit airport before the flight to China.

IV) Passengers who fly from other countries via Frankfurt am Main to China, carry out a corona test in the first country of departure and have it certified by the respective Chinese diplomatic mission in this country. Passengers in Frankfurt am Main may only travel on to China upon presentation of this certificate.

Here you find the necessary Form.

It is important to note that the test results are only valid if the tests have been carried out within five calendar days prior to departure for China.

The email addresses of the Chinese diplomatic missions in Germany are as follows:

Chinese Embassy:

Chinese Consulate in Hamburg:

Chinese Consulate in München:

Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt am Main:

Chinese Consulate in Düsseldorf:



18.08.2020 Lebanon

Visa for Lebanon

At present, applications for business visas are only processed in the embassy if an invitation from the business partner in Lebanon is presented. In addition, a negative Covid19 test must be presented, which may be at maximum 86 hours old.

18.08.2020 Dominican Republic

Visa for the Dominican Republic

To enter the Dominican Republic, a negative Covid 19 test must be presented at the airport, which must not be older than 5 days.

18.08.2020 Burkina Faso

Visa for Burkina Faso

To enter Burkina Faso a negative Covid 19 test must be presented at the airport, which must not be older than 5 days.

18.08.2020 Nigeria

Visa for Nigeria

In order to be able to apply for a visa at the embassy, ​​a travel authorization is now required, which the business partner must apply for at the Immigration Office in Abuja. This authorization is tied to flight and travel dates.

When checking in at the airport, a negative COVID test that is not older than 72 hours should be carried with you. It is recommended to call the airline in advance to find out whether you will be allowed on board with such a test.

When entering Abuja, a COVID test is also done. It is important that the traveler has booked a hotel for three days and carries this booking with them. In the course of the test, the passport will be withheld and returned to the traveler after the three days of hotel stay and a negative test result. Only then is it possible to travel on to the actual destination in Nigeria.

11.08.2020 Iraq

Visa for Iraq

Currently, business visas are only issued if approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. Until further notice, these visas are only valid for single entry with a stay of 30 days.

The Iraqi company needs to contact the agency to obtain approval from the Interior Ministry. The application should contain the following information:


  • Reason for travel
  • What work will be carried out on site? (Urgency must be justified)
  • Information about the German company
  • Name, passport details etc. of the travelers

If the Ministry of Interior gives permission, it will be sent to the Iraqi company. This must then be forwarded to Germany and submitted to the embassy with the application documents for the visa.

The processing time in the embassy is then around 1 week.

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