Transparent, fair, easy

No matter how much time you have until the planned trip, we always have the right rate for you. Whether Relax, Express or Today: our prices are calculated fairly!

Our fees

    net Price excl. VAT Final price incl. 19% VAT
RELAX You can save money by giving us 6 and more working days to process your documents in-house. 41.90 € 49.86 €
EXPRESS Express fare is the right thing for everyone who is in a hurry: 2-5 working days for processing in our house must be enough. 65.90 € 78.42 €
TODAY If you need your visa issued the same day our Today service supports you directly and immediately. 90.00 € 107.10 €
  • All prices apply per visa obtained. Please note that not all consulates permit offering an express or today version. The specified terms are plus processing times at embassies and consulates.
  • When processing work visas, technicians and employmentadditional 35.70 € incl. VAT (net = 30 €) will be charged on the respective tariff.
  • When processing China visasadditional 23.21 € incl. VAT (net = 19.50 €) will be charged on the respective tariff.

Our invoices are:

  • clearly structured,
  • clearly show the additional fees of the consulates and
  • transparently list shipping and possible additional costs from third parties.

A complete overview of our services and their fees can be found here.