In-house Seminars

For all those who want it individually, we offer our in-house seminars as an alternative to the practice seminar. These are adapted exactly to the needs of your company and can be booked to various extents.

Targeted to your requirements


On the basis of questionnaires, with which you (and your colleagues) inform us where there is a need for thematic clarification, we create individually tailored training courses for you. So you can be sure that we will only deal with topics relevant to you in our in-house seminar!

An in-house seminar is always the right choice if several employees from a company are to be trained on a subject from the areas of visa procurement or other consular services. For example, because a new department has been formed, new markets have been added or changes have to be communicated and implemented in the previous application procedure.

Our on-site trainings achieve a high benefit, reduce at the same time the financial expenditures and open the possibility to respond to your requirements even more purposefully.

That is, you determine

  • the date
  • the place
  • as well as scope and duration of the seminar.


We offer our in-house seminars in three different package sizes:

MINI The MINI in-house seminar, which lasts two hours, is supervised by a speaker and focuses on clarifying individual specific questions - it is not necessarily intended as a beginner seminar. Costs: from 200 €
MIDI Our four-hour MIDI in-house seminar is supervised by a speaker and provides a deeper insight into more topics. Costs: from 400 €
MAXI The MAXI in-house seminar is a full-day event with two speakers. Costs: from 1,800 €

We are happy to advise you to find the right format for you. Please contact us; we will make you an offer.

Tel. +49 30 26 39 30-182
E-Mail vertrieb[at]

You want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Tel. +49 30 26 39 30-182


We also offer one-hour webinars on selected topics by various speakers. We would be pleased to inform you about contents and prices.

Tel. +49 30 26 39 30-182
E-Mail vertrieb[at]

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