Does your company regularly have business trips outside Germany and you would like to inform your team as best as possible about the documents required for entry into the destination country?

Then simply contact the sales department and we will arrange a personal appointment for you and your team. Our experts will give you all the important information for your next trip at the appointment.

WEBINAR for a country requiring a visa

This webinar serves to quickly convey current knowledge for a country that requires a visa. In a 1-hour webinar, our speaker explains the special features of the travel destination you want via a web session. Practical exercises explain how you can get current information easily, quickly and conveniently and how to book your visa with us.

Number of participants:           at least 3 – maximum 20

Price:                                            299,00 net plus 19% VAT

WEBINAR booking software "EASY ACCESS"

The main purpose of this webinar is to introduce and convert to our new booking software "EASY ACCESS". In a 1 to 1.5 hour webinar, our speaker explains our new booking software and its advantages via a web session. Practical exercises explain how you can place your bookings easily, quickly and comfortably in the future.

Number of participants:           at least 3 – maximum 20

Price:                                            € 199,00 net plus 19% VAT

Do you have any questions about the webinars or our services for companies in general?

Our sales team is at your disposal for this or other topics:

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