Pre-checking your documents

You are not sure whether your documents compiled for the embassy are sufficient, but you are under time pressure?


Relieve yourself by using our service to check your documents in advance. Uploading a document scan to our examination portal is sufficient. You save time and costs for forwarding documents, adjusting travel planning or postponing the trip, because the documents can only be submitted to the embassy after they have been corrected on a subsequent day.

How it works

Create an order in our online portal and upload the documents to be checked. Our professional examination team will review the documents scanned in by you and will immediately inform you whether anything is missing, needs to be corrected or whether your documents can be sent directly to BUSINESS VISUM. 

The documents are uploaded and commented encoded within the portal in a clear chat function. In addition, you will receive a message by e-mail if an examination response is available, so that you do not have to be permanently logged in and you do not miss anything.

Try it out and gain confidence: a process that convinces!

The actual examination process can usually be completed very quickly. This way we can guarantee that you will receive the review results on the same day for enquiries received by us Monday - Friday until 2.30 pm. Questions received after 2.30 pm or on weekends will be answered by 10.30 am on the following working day at the latest.

Registered users of our online portal who want to know more will find a step-by-step guide section with a detailed explanation and screenshots of where and how to use our exam portal.

Please note

You can upload all application documents for those target countries that are processed by BUSINESS VISUM. The following special features apply:  

  • For a preliminary review of your Saudi Arabia application documents and our additional services related to applying for a Saudi visa, please click here.

  • In addition to the documents to be checked, please scan a copy of the passenger's passport (plastic-coated side) to ensure that the check is as complete as possible. Non-German applicants should also add their residence permit.

You are also welcome to upload legalization documents to us for a preliminary check. The procedure is absolutely identical to the verification of visa documents.


We charge 29.63 € incl. VAT (net = 24.90 €) for any number of documents that you send us for a traveler's visa for a preliminary check. If we have complaints about a document, the review of subsequent versions is of course included in this price.

We will continue to check individually sent invitations for China or Russia free of charge for you. Please send a scanned copy by e-mail to your respective subsidiary; a specialist for the respective target country will contact you immediately with an answer.

Terms of use

By sending us your documents for a preliminary check, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of BUSINESS VISUM GmbH and additionally to the following points:

  • If you want to know whether all documents necessary for a successful visa application are in order, you should also upload them completely. Documents not scanned cannot be evaluated either.
  • The fee for the preliminary examination is due at the time of the examination and cannot be refunded or set off against something.

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Of course, for the registered user, in our step-by-step guide to our web portal (on pages 21-23), we also have a detailed explanation with screenshots of where and how to use our portal.


We will be happy to answer your questions about the examination portal and the preliminary review. Send us an e-mail to portal[at] or call one of our BUSINESS VISUM specialists on +49 30 26 39 30-0.