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Nowadays, many aspects of a journey are digitized. When applying for a visa in some countries you have the option of requesting a so-called E-Visa. In some countries there are now only E-Visas available.

In this article you can find out which requirements you have to meet and what needs to be considered.

What is an E-Visa?

E-Visas are the electronic form of “traditional” passport visas. They are applied for and approved completely digitally. Common names for the digital visa are: E-Visa, EVisa, Electronic Visa.

The application for the e-visa often takes place at the ministries or immigration authorities of the respective countries. Here you can easily submit your application data and documents to the responsible authorities in an online procedure.

What are the advantages of an E-Visa?

Applying for an E-Visa can bring a number of benefits. These include:

  • You don't have to send your passport, so you no longer run the risk of losing it in the mail.
  • You do not have to fill out your visa personally at the consular post and save a lot of (time)effort.
  • The whole application process runs much faster and you save fees.
  • The E-Visa costs less than the regular visa.
  • You can apply for several visas for different countries at the same time.

Under what conditions can you apply for an E-Visa?

Citizens from 162 countries can currently apply for an E-Visa digitally for currently 28 countries.

The E-Visa can be obtained flexibly and from anywhere in the world, regardless of proof of residency or whereabouts at the time of application.

Check in advance whether you can apply for an e-visa for your travel destination.

Simply visit our overview under Entry Requirements and you will find out whether you can apply for an E-Visa for your destination country and what steps are then necessary. Please note that an E-Visa is not necessarily the same as a passport visa. You can find relevant information in our Entry Requirements.

Here you find the visa requirements ->

What is the difference between an ETA or ESTA entry permit and an E-Visa?

It is more common for the E-Visa to be confused with the ETA/ESTA. Although both regulate entry into your destination country, they are based on a completely different legal situation and thus type of assignment.

ETA and ESTA are an electronic entry permit or, more specifically, a travel permit. They must be obtained in advance for nationalities that are not officially subject to a visa requirement for the issuing countries.

The following terms are often used in connection with E-Visa:

  • ETA = Electronic Travel Authorization (electronic entry permit)
  • ESTA = Electronic System for Authorization (electronic entry permit)

Only the received ETA/ESTA allows you to board an aircraft and start your journey, as the airlines will not carry you without this permit.

The border officials of the respective country decide on the actual entry. This applies to all countries worldwide, even on presentation of an passport visa or e-visa!

Important: An ETA/ESTA entry permit is not a visa and cannot replace one for legal reasons. Travellers who already have a valid visa can continue to travel with it for a specific purpose and do not need to apply for an additional entry permit.

Check the visa regulations now to see if you can apply for an e-visa for your travel destination.


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