Invitation for Saudi Arabia

Any application for a visa to Saudi Arabia requires an invitation to be applied for at the Foreign Ministry in Saudi Arabia. We will gladly organise everything for you.


Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the expiry of the visa you are applying for. There may not be any entry stamps of Israel in the passport.

How quickly can an invitation be obtained?

Processing time for procuring the invitation:

  • visa's defined validity: 90 days (one entry): 7-14 days

  • visa's defined validity: 365 days (multiple entries): 7-14 days

Required documents:


  • single-entry visa for Saudi Arabia: 428.28 € incl. VAT. (net = 359.90 €)
  • multiple-entry visa for Saudi Arabia: 773.38 € incl. VAT. (net = 649.90 €)

These service fees are fair and cheap. We guarantee a reliable, uncomplicated and transparent process - just give us a call!