Foreign travel health insurance of the Hanse Merkur

The Embassy of the Russian Federation and some other Eastern European countries, and in exceptional cases China, require proof of travel health insurance when applying for a visa.

You can take out such insurance through our partner CARE CONCEPT AG.

Care Concept AG specializes in insuring people abroad. Germans and Austrians can be insured worldwide as well as foreigners in Europe. The insurance products include health, accident and liability insurance cover as well as assistance services such as the organization of medically necessary repatriation from abroad to the home country.

We recommend our clients, who will be in Russia for as many stays per year of up to 56 days each, to take out an international health insurance with the "Care Holiday" tariff. This rate costs only 10.90 € per year for travellers up to the age of 64 years.

But other rates such as "Care Travel" or "Care Expatriate" (for employee assignments up to 5 years) could also be interesting for you. With all tariffs, our partner takes care to offer you a very good price-performance ratio.

In any case, it is important for you: The application form can be completed quickly and easily in just a few steps. The insurance confirmation is sent directly to BUSINESS VISUM, so that we can immediately start or continue with the visa application without any loss of time.

Visit the website of our partner CARE CONCEPT for more information.

There you can immediately start filling out the insurance application.