Who we are and where we come from

In 1983 Ulf Kalis, Roland Zellermann and the meanwhile deceased Bernd Schmidt founded Schmidt & Kalis Kurierdienste in Bonn, which was initially a pure courier service. A special department took care of the transport of documents to the various embassies and their collection. Very soon the company founders realized that the companies whose documents they brought to the embassies needed service and advice and thus founded Schmidt & Kalis Visa- und Konsularservice GmbH.

Parallel to the embassy moves from Bonn to the new federal capital, Schmidt & Kalis Visa- und Konsularservice GmbH opened a branch in Berlin in 2000. With the opening of the offices in Frankfurt (2008) and the Munich office (2009), Schmidt & Kalis was present throughout Germany at all relevant embassy and consular locations.

In the 2010s we reinvented ourselves:

  • the company changed its name to BUSINESS VISUM GmbH
  • the number of employees doubled
  • we were the first visa agency to introduce an online portal for booking orders
  • we organized the first seminars on all business travel-relevant topics for our customers
  • were co-initiators of Home of Busines Travel within the International Tourism Exchange (ITB)
  • and opened further branches in Hamburg (2012) and Düsseldorf (2017).

That is what we are today: One of the largest visa agencies in Germany, one of the oldest visa agencies in Germany, one of the most successful visa agencies in Germany and one of the most innovative visa agencies in Germany.

What this means for you: with us you have a partner at your side who offers you the highest quality of advice and service at the highest level. 


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