Consulates take it very seriously

The photo you attached to the application documents was not accepted because it did not meet the requirements of the consular officers? And now there is no time to send the new photo by post?

India requires 2 photos in 5x5 cm, but you only have one photo in this size?

You urgently need a visa for your employee who is currently abroad and have the necessary photo for the application only in digital form?

Fortunately, this stress can be a thing of the past: simply use the BUSINESS VISUM photo service!

Please note:  Photos must meet official biometric requirements for visa applications. You can recognize a biometric photo by the following criteria:

  • Background: It is important that the background is monochrome (white/light grey) and shows no objects or patterns.

  • Head position: The head must be aligned exactly to the camera to enable automated biometric identification of the face and iris of the eye.

  • Facial expression: The facial expressions must be neutral to serious. That is, it is forbidden to laugh or smile, the mouth must be closed.

  • Direction of view: Besides the open eyes, it is important that the view is directed neither to the side nor up or down, but forward, directly into the camera

Simply send us the photo digitally. We edit photo sizes, duplicate and print your passport photos in the required number and quality.

An excerpt from our price list:

  1. duplicate photo = 21.90 € incl. VAT (net = 18.40 €)
  2. edit photo = ab 37.49 € incl. VAT (net = 31.50 €)
  3. print photo = 21.90 € incl. VAT (net = 18.40 €)

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