The new BUSINESS VISUM booking portal!

You love it easy and comfortable?

... then use our new booking Portal EASY ACCESS.

In order to facilitate the commissioning and application of visas, consular services and EU requirements in the future, this tool has been specially developed for you.

What advantages does the new booking portal offer you?

  • Personalized login with self-learning traveler profile
  • Simplified application processing & uncomplicated order tracking
  • Absolute data security acc. DSGVO
  • Easy to use with many online help functions
  • Time savings through pre-filled applications in the system
  • Simple upload function of documents e.g. for countries with e-visas
  • At any time access to all order documents and uploads

With each new application, you automatically expand your personal traveler profile with your data. For this purpose, all reusable information is stored and automatically used for future new applications. Lengthy and unnecessary repetitive entries are now eliminated for you.

Within minutes, you can book future orders - this clearly reduces the effort for you. You only enter the travel-specific data. All other information is already available.

Of course, we pay attention to the security of personal data. You decide who is allowed to create or view orders with your traveler profile and who is not.

Now you have the choice - just register at EASY ACCESS and off you go.


In a few steps to the visa, A1 and EU registration. Enter all the information we need to work for you.

Enter EASY ACCESS here!

Previous order system

In a few steps to visa and legalization in the previous order system. Provide all the information we need to work for you.

Click here to enter the previous order system

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