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What is a deployment?

In the current context, i.e. when discussing social security regulations in force at the moment, a deployment is the name given to any business activity abroad, regardless of its duration. In that respect, whether it is a question of a visit or whether it concerns participation in congresses, seminars or business meetings or long-term assembly operations, etc. has no bearing.

What is an A1/certificate for?

In theory, business travellers are temporarily no longer subject to German social security law. To ensure that German social security law also continues to apply for the duration of their business abroad, a deployment must exist which is proven within the EU, the EEA and Switzerland by an A1/certificate.

However, the obligation to provide proof of social security coverage exists in addition for all countries with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement. These are the following states:

Albania, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Israel, Japan, Canada, Kosovo, Croatia, Morocco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Uruguay, USA.

For all those states which are neither part of the EEA nor have concluded a social security agreement with Germany, a document must also be carried along, which is issued by the health insurance institution and is called "Antrag auf Feststellung einer Entsendung im Sinne der Ausstrahlung".

Conclusion: for every business trip / deployment the application for an "A1" certificate (or equivalent) is essential!


Who will issue the A1/certificate?

This is always done by the responsible health insurance institution in Germany

The responsible health insurance carrier is either

  • The health insurance fund with which the employee is insured
  • the German pension insurance if the employee has private health insurance
  • the Consortium of Professional Association Pension Schemes (Arbeitsgemeinschaft berufsständischer Versorgungseinrichtungen) if the employee is additionally provided for professionally
  • In special cases, the German liaison office for health insurance abroad (abbreviated to DVKA) may be responsible.

What does BUSINESS VISUM do for me?

Once you have completed all the questions in our booking portal about the trip you have planned and you have sent the order, our team of experts will check your application and then forward the A1 application to the relevant health insurance institution for approval. As soon as it has been approved, you will receive the A1/certificate via email or by post.

What requirements must be met in order to obtain an A1/certificate?

  • The posting employer must usually carry out a significant business activity in Germany, i. e. at least 25% of the turnover must be generated in Germany.
  • (In the case of a lower value, the competent German institution must carry out a case-by-case examination)
  • The estimated duration of employment in the destination country may not exceed 24 months.
  • The employment relationship between the deployed person and his employer must continue throughout the period of deployment.
  • The deployed person may not replace a person previously sent to the destination country. This applies even if the previously deployed person is employed by another employer and/or the employer of that person is not resident in Germany, but in another member state (Exception: the person previously deployed for a maximum of 24 months had to make the deployment unexpectedly, e.g. due to a serious illness, terminate prematurely and another person will be sent to the destination country for the remainder of the originally scheduled deployment period.)

How fast will I receive the A1/certificate?


In terms of speed, you can choose between 2 variants of BUSINESS VISUM:

  • Applying for the certificate within 2-3 business days (Relax rate)
  • The application on business days within 24 hours (Express rate)

The reaction time of the health insurance carrier is very different; According to experience, it is between 10 days and the same day.

How long is the A1/certificate valid?

In general, an A1/certificate is valid for the period confirmed by the health insurance institution and this period should correspond to the period requested.

The maximum validity of an A1/certificate is 24 months.

What happens in the case of a canceled trip or changed travel periods?

We are happy to process for you a cancellation order or a change message for a placed order. Please inform us by email. We will forward this cancellation or early return or extended stay to the health insurance carrier.

Is the A1/certificate subject to a charge?

No, the health insurance institution does not charge any fees for issuing the A1/certificate. The only fee incurred by us as a service provider in order to obtain the certificate is the amount stated in our price list or in your company’s framework contract.

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