Information concerning the EU registration

Your employees travel abroad Europe for work?

Did you think about necessary reports and registrations?

The provision of services within the European Union is an important pillar for German companies. To ensure this, the freedom to provide services in the European internal market creates the necessary legal framework.

However, the practice is different: The EU Regulation 67/2014 provides for the introduction of reporting and registration obligations for the recording of international staff assignments until 2020. Almost all countries have already geared up for this and have set up corresponding registration forms.

What is the purpose of registering foreign working inserts?

According to Directive 2014/67/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014, even in the case of short-term installation or project assignments within Europe, registration may already be required. The objectives of the Directive are to improve the implementation and practical application of the Posting of Workers Directive (Directive 96/71/EC). This is intended to protect posted workers and ensure a legal framework that provides service providers with greater transparency and predictability.

Conclusion: It must be checked on each business trip/posting, whether this kind of work must be registered in the destination country!

Where and when does a mission have to be reported?

German companies posting workers to other EU Member States must report them to the competent authorities before starting work. Different regulations, deadlines and registration procedures apply in each country.

Failure to report a posting or mission may result in fines and even imprisonment. Frequent controls are already carried out at airports, in hotels and at trade fairs.

The order for the registration takes place within our booking portal. The registration is carried out by our partner IAC Unternehmensberatung GmbH, which is also your contact for possible questions before or during the process. The billing is carried out as usual via BUSINESS VISUM GmbH.

What does the IAC take over?

Our consulting service is designed to assist you in completing these registration assignments. The support ranges from advice on the implementation of the registration to the administrative processingof your assignments in the area of registration in the individual countries. More specifically, our tasks include:

  • Checking whether a notification obligation exists
  • Preparation of the required reports (if necessary)
  • if applicable, initial registration of the company in the respective portal
  • if applicable, providing a required representative

If a local contact person has to be made available due to the obligation to register in a country and you yourself do not have a contact person in the company in this country, we can also ensure this via our network.

You want to know more?Feel free to contact the specialists for reporting processes.

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