What is an E-Visa?

E-visa are regular visas that are applied for and approved completely by digital means. In contrast to the "traditional" embassy visa, they are on-line and therefore faster in the procurement.

Applications are made directly to the ministries or immigration authorities of the respective countries. All application data, as well as documents supporting your visa application, are stored in an online procedure and made available to the authorities.

As soon as the permit has been obtained, which can take from a few hours to a few working days depending on the country, the e-visa will be issued and made available to you digitally.

Other terms under which the electronic visa has established itself are: E-Visa, EVisa, Electronic Visa. This always refers to an electronically generated visa.

The following terms are often used in connection with E-visa:

  • ETA = Electronic Travel Authorization (electronic entry permit)
  • ESTA = Electronic System for Authorization (electronic entry permit)

What is the difference between an ETA or ESTA entry permit and an E-visa?

ETA and ESTA are an electronic entry permit or, more specifically, a travel permit. They must be obtained in advance for nationalities that are not officially subject to a visa requirement for the issuing countries (USA, Canada, Australia).

Only the received ETA/ESTA allows you to board an aircraft and start your journey, as the airlines will not carry you without this permit.

The border officials of the respective country decide on the actual entry. This applies to all countries worldwide, even on presentation of an embassy visa or e-visa!

Important: An ETA/ESTA entry permit is not a visa and cannot replace one for legal reasons. Travellers who already have a valid visa can continue to travel with it for a specific purpose and do not need to apply for an additional entry permit.

Who can apply for an e-visa?

At the present time, citizens from 162 countries can apply digitally for an e-visa for currently 28 countries. 

No reporting requirements or similar legally binding requirements that would be required when applying for a visa via an embassy. The e-visa can be obtained flexibly and from anywhere in the world, regardless of proof of residence or whereabouts at the time of application.

What are the advantages of an E-Visa?

  • The most convincing argument for an e-visa is that you don't have to give your passport away.
  • Your signature is not required.
  • There is no need to apply in person at the consular office.
  • The speed of the application process and the time saved as a result.
  • The lower visa costs
  • You can apply for several visas at the same time.

Applying for an E-Visa

You can find out whether you can already apply for an e-visa for your next trip and what steps are necessary from the additional services listed for the respective destination country.

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